Thursday, January 19, 2017

150 Days and the Importance of Play

In just 150 days, Cass Lake will be open for business, and the first group of campers will be taking a dip after the opening game of scatterball.  Get excited: Summer '17 is on the way!

As we look ahead and plan for the summer, we're finding more and more research that supports what summer camps do.  Take, for example, this article from the American Camping Association:

This article from the ACA describes the benefits of unstructured playtime as researched by the Let’s Inspire Innovation n’ Kids (LiiNK) project. LiiNK found that increasing the time children had for free play during school hours, socialization, emotional maturity, and creativity were all increased, along with stronger physical development and appreciation of the outdoors. The multifaceted benefits of free play translated into more efficient classroom environments and students who were more open to learning STEM material. 

Chippewa delivers a concentrated, extended dose of free play and problem solving for our campers, chasing the same goals as the LiiNK project. Inspiring campers to play freely from Cedar Island to improvised golf courses on the Canadian trail, Chippewa helps create more creative, confident boys, well equipped for the years to come.

For more information on the LiiNK program, you can check out their website here.  And for more info on how you can come and play with us in Summer '17, please visit our website at

Friday, December 09, 2016

It's All About the Story

81 years of offering boys the opportunity to discover adventure and discover themselves at Camp Chippewa, has given master story teller JP plenty of material. Clearing the Ivy Bowl. Digging the Cass Lake-Buck Lake canal. Climbing the Sentinel Pine. Paddling through, or around, Lake Winnie. Or crossing the Atlantic in a troop transport ship in WWII. Whatever the story, each passing year, these stories become even more legendary. Whether it's around a campfire (grading hotdogs), in Cass'L, or in Knutson Hall, JP will always be ready to tell a story. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Show your support with Amazon Smile!

As the holiday season kicks into full gear this week, we'd like to encourage you to consider Camp Chippewa when you do your online shopping.  Camp Chippewa participates in Amazon Smile, a program where a portion of your proceeds is donated directly to the charity of your choice.  When you shop on Amazon Smile, you get access to all of the same great things you'll see on Amazon, plus you get the added benefit of supporting great causes like Camp Chippewa.  It's super easy to setup!  First, go to, then select "Camp Chippewa Foundation" as the organization you'd like the support.  Once you've done that, shop to your heart's content knowing that a portion of every purchase you make will go to supporting the wonderful place that is Camp Chippewa. 

We appreciate your continuous support of camp, and we hope you'll take this one small step to continue to support what we do.  Thank you! 


Monday, November 14, 2016

A busy week for camp!

This week is jam packed with exciting things for camp! 

First, on Tuesday, November 15th, it's International Camp Shirt Day! Wear your Chippewa gear and proudly represent camp wherever you are! Snap a picture and share it with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!  Make sure you use the hashtag #camptshirtday!

Then, on Thursday, November 17th, it's Give to the Max Day, a great opportunity to support nonprofits who really make a difference in our lives and communities. Find out more information here:

Also on Thursday, Mike and Mary and one of our current families will be hosting an open house in the Lincoln, Nebraska area. Stop by, say hi, relive the fun of summers past, and make plans for the summers yet to come!

Finally, on Friday, November 18th, come and visit Mike, Mary, and some of your favorite friends from camp out in Lawrence, Kansas! Share the memories of last summer, and start making plans for the next one! 

You can keep up with these and all of our other events by visiting our website,, and by checking out our Facebook page. 

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Polls show shift in Cookie mood

Chocolate Chip’s Lead Shrinks; Iced Maple and Monster Support Swells
Associated Press – August 6th, 2016

CAMP CHIPPEWA – With just one day left before official polling, a sudden upswing among two trailing candidates indicates all is not certain in the Great Cookie Vote of 2016. 

According to the NBC News poll of upper camp, support for Chocolate Chip stands at 34%--the lowest thus far leading up to the election.  Overall, this number marks a 16-point drop from initial polls, suggesting that while still strong, support for Chocolate Chip is fading. 

Meanwhile, support for two trailing candidates shows a marked upswing.  Iced Maple and Monster each polled at 18%--double the amount of support found in the most recent poll.

“The numbers say it all,” said Iced Maple Campaign Manager Karl Maher.  “The Iced Maple has always been there for us, and people are finally starting to realize it.” 

Write-ins inconsistent and controversial
While previous polls have shown a low but consistent support for unofficial candidate Cereal cookie, supporters could not be found in this poll.  Instead, a small group of potential voters indicated their favorite cookie to be Snickerdoodle.

“Even though Snickerdoodle’s campaign is struggling, I know there are people out there who like Snickerdoodle the best,” said self-appointed Snickerdoodle Campaign Manager Jack Deneen.  Snickerdoodle has not declared any official candidacy.

Another unofficial candidate receiving votes is the Mars Bar.  However, many question whether or not Mars Bar could officially be named the Best Cookie in Camp should it win the election.

“Official rules state that only cookies qualify for the title of the Best Cookie in Camp,” said Election Commissioner Sutton Stewart.  “If Mars Bar receives the most votes, a panel of officials would have to decide whether or not Mars Bar meets the qualifications.  If [the panel] finds that it does not, then the candidate that receives the next highest vote total will be named the winner.”

Crinkle faces questions
While polls indicate minimal support for the controversial Mars Bar campaign, one of the leading candidates is facing a similar scrutiny. 

“A lot of people think the Crinkle Cookie is really a brownie,” said Unofficial Chocolate Chip Fanboy Ryan Scheibmeir.  “I’d like to see its birth certificate to prove otherwise.”

The Crinkle campaign has so far refused to share any documents but assert that the cookie meets all the requirements for candidacy.

In the NBC News poll, Chocolate Crinkle received 13% of the vote, and Peanut Butter received just 3%.

Voters will make their official decision on Sunday.

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Camp Chippewa Cookie Vote August 7

All-Staff Poll Shows Continuing Support for Chocolate Chip
Associated Press – August 4th, 2016

CAMP CHIPPEWA – A poll of all staff at Camp Chippewa shows strong support for the Chocolate Chip cookie. 

Among the five main candidates, chocolate chip maintains a healthy lead, polling at 45%.  This compares to 35% in the CBS/Sentinel News poll from just a few days ago.  This number has fluctuated widely, and with a margin of error at ±10%, it is hard to tell exactly what numbers Chocolate Chip can expect in the poll. 

“It’s possible that we are being lulled into a false sense of security [with Chocolate Chip’s lead],” said Elections Expert Will Norris. 

One number that has remained fairly constant across all polls is the level of support for Chocolate Crinkle.  Crinkle polled at 17% among All Staff.  This compares to 18% in the CBS/Sentinel News poll and 19% in the Reuters/CC poll from earlier this week.    

Write-in campaign takes shape
The CNN All-Staff Poll indicates continued support for the unofficial candidate Cereal Cookie.  Despite not having declared candidacy, Cereal polled at an all-time high, earning 13% of the vote on its own.  Only one ‘other’ unofficial candidate received any votes.

“The cereal cookie is one of my favorites,” said Camp Baker Paula Snow.  “I know everyone likes chocolate chip, but I think people should give cereal another chance.”

Finally on the board
The CNN All-Staff Poll revealed the first instance of support for the Peanut Butter cookie.  While receiving just 4%, the support provides enough stimulus to quash rumors that the candidate will drop out of the race.  Even so, Peanut Butter faces an uphill battle if it hopes to topple the front-runner, Chocolate Chip. 

“It seems Peanut Butter supporters are finally coming out of the woodwork,” said Election Commissioner Sutton Stewart.  “It will be crucial for them to show up on Election Day if they hope to make a stand.”

Supporters of Iced Maple and Monster will likewise have to deliver votes if their candidates are to do well.  Poll numbers for each are at 9%--the lowest amount of support yet for either cookie.

“I’m confident that we can turn things around,” said Iced Maple Campaign Manager Karl Maher.  “We want to continue spreading the word, and we know that more undecided voters will come around to support us.”    

With just days left ahead of Sunday’s election, it’s clear that each of the campaigns will be ramping up their efforts to secure as many votes as possible.

CNN All Staff Poll, 8/4/2016

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Counselor Blog 2

Last week, Wednesday afternoon, as dark ominous clouds swarmed the sky, the first local canoe trip of the year took to the waters of the Crow Wing River. Through lashing rain and searing sun, the boys of Sooner Cabin paddled defiantly, all the while keeping a count of the turtles for which the river is famous.

Having missed the second night's campsite, we pushed on, tackling many miles and countless rapids before falling exhausted around a campfire. As the flames gave way to ambers, a pack of wolves howled on the far bank. Their somber song piercing the night's silence and signaling the end of the heroic day. 

    -Will Bowes-McTear

Counselor Blog

One week into the 2016 camping season and Chippewa is alive with the joyous cries of campers being launched from the thrill matt, chased among the pine of lower camp or locked in a painfully close game of table tennis. There is a buzz—a hum of liberation: of elation about camp, an irresistible mist of gleeful anticipation which seeps through the cracks in the weathered wooden walls of the cabins, engaging all who feel its touch.

The wealth of talent and more notably, of potential, is tangible with not a single meal going by without the announcement of some new feat of excellence. As the sun sets in the west, the moon casts its soft glow over the shimmering waters of Cass Lake and the “dipper” within. Its conquest across an ocean of stars counts down the hours of another day which promises to be rife with opportunity. The ship has set sail, but this journey is only just beginning.

    -Will Bowes-McTear